Apollo sandblasting and painting specializes in various methods of paint application, to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations. There are various methods for applying paint, below we have listed the ones we commonly use.


Airless paint sprayers come in many different configurations and designs but all have the same general features and controls. The basic idea behind how a sprayers works is that it pumps the paint and forces it out a very small tip on the spraygun. There is no air or air compressor involved, hence the name "airless" paint sprayer.


Is a painting method in which the paint is heated and applied "Hot". This allows you to build up a heavier, smoother, glossier finish with fewer coats. Hot spraying virtually eliminates runs, sags, pinholes, thin spots, blushing and orange peel.

100 Solids

Paints that are 100 (or 100%) solids means that they do not contain solvents in their composition. When epoxy paints of this type are used, they are primarily used for high traffic/abrasion, chemical resistance and ease of clean up applications.


This process occurs when paint is applied to an object through the use of an air-pressurized spray gun. The air gun has a nozzle, paint basin, and air compressor. Due to a wide range of nozzle shapes and sizes, the consistency of the paint can be varied.